Top 10 Best Free Online Video Editing Tool

Since the advent the social media sharing websites on the internet, like YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram and Vine editing and creating videos no longer was the sole domain of experts. All you require is a computer with a decent operating system and voila, you’re an editor of videos. It is now possible to edit your videos online without having to download any software for either your Windows or Mac machine – all you need is a good access to internet. In this post, we’re going to look at the top 10 of the most highly suggested best online video editing tools accessible online.

A majority of these free online editors for video are user-friendly which means that even if are new to the world of video editing you can create videos quickly using this online tool for video editing. If you’re a seasoned video editor, go through our list of the most professionally-designed video editor software.

Personally, I’m not a fan of making use of online tools because sometimes the connection to the network isn’t ideal and when there’s an issue with the network the entire effort is wasted. Editing videos using online tools will require a fast download and upload speeds and is therefore suitable for editing small and brief size videos. In addition, online video editing software might not be the ideal choice for those who require more advanced editing tools and stunning video effects. In this instance I strongly recommend Invideo for the application you should not miss. Download it and give it try the editing capabilities, the numerous options and effects.

Top 10 Best Free Online Video Editors

Although some of the online video editing software that are listed below offer free trials, if you’re looking for downloading the videos, you might require upgrading your free plan to a paid version. Certain free versions create a watermark on the video in the resolution of 480 pixels. Be sure to be aware of this before you begin using this platform. Be aware that the online video editors are listed not in any specific order.

1: ClipChamp

Clipchamp is well known as a and free online tool for editing videos along with videos editing software, it also offers video compressor, converter and webcam recorder as well. The greatest feature is that the user-friendly platform lets beginners complete their video editing in short time. The output is able to be saved directly on the computer, or shared with Google Drive and other storage services.

Drag and drop functions that are simple to use let you reduce or crop, rotate and flip your videos in accordance with their requirements. In addition, it’s possible to change the brightness, saturation, and contrast easily. You can also include overlays, text, transitions as well as backgrounds. There’s a stock library that offers both free and paid audio and video files therefore you can select depending on the situation. However, if you want to add an image to your video you might need move into one of the Paid version.

You can choose different aspect ratios, such as 1:1, 9:16, 4/3 or 16:9. it also comes with an in-built instructions to help you create an easy video. You must register with your Google accounts or Facebook account before you can use the all-in-one online video editor. It is also restricted to exporting at resolution of 480P SD resolution, with no watermark. Although you can import footage in 4K but it is recommended to first compress it as big files could cause problems when editing. Additionally, the footage cannot be exported in 4K. It’s not clear what exactly the issue is however when I added the audio to the video , and then replay it, the process did not go smoothly. Let me know if anyone else has had the same problem using it in the comments below.

Go to ClipChamp Online Video Editor

2: FlexClip

FlexClip is a no-cost, powerful and online editor full of features. It will not only allow you to create videos in only a couple of minutes and gives users access to an archive with 2.5 million videos and stock photos which are categorized into different areas like business background food, holiday sports, and more.

Of course, you’ll need to upload your pictures as well as video clips and even music. This is very easy to do: simply drag and drop and you’re finished. You can also combine footage with your own to make them more impactful Additionally, there are hundreds of professional templates available to select from.

With FlexClip it is easy to overlay text onto your videos that draw attention with beautiful text and stunning effects. You can also create smooth transitions between your clips. Additionally, FlexClip’s aspect ratio feature lets users to alter sizes and formats to meet the appropriate proportions for different social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram Stories, and many more.

There is no download or sign-up is necessary to use FlexClip it, and you have the option of choosing between an annual Plan (USD 49.99 and customers can also add USD 18.99 per month for plugins and effects) or the Permanent Plan (USD 79.99 and customers can purchase USD 36.96 per month for plugins and effects) packages to begin. However to start with the free version to determine whether you’re comfortable with FlexClip.

Visit FlexClip to create videos

3: InVideo

is a powerful online video editor that is a powerful online. It includes more than 5000 designs, iStock video, music library, filters, effects and more.

Invideo is an excellent online video maker that’s very well-known for its ability to transform what was once an ordinary type of video into a gorgeous, poignant film, as well as outstanding social videos. It’s user-friendly and efficient with all the tools that you would expect from software that you’ve had to sock your kidneys to purchase.

When you sign up for your Facebook or G+ account, you are able to upload videos and photos. Invideo Also, Invideo offers a variety of video templates that cover various sectors like Birthday wishes, wedding, promotions announcement and more. Then, you can select the editing styles you like from popular families, business, social, fun, seasonal and clean. You can see your style simply by moving your mouse over the image. Some styles may require upgrade in order to work. You can then select your music using the inbuilt library , or even upload your own. Invideo will then complete the next editing tasks and then add effects to the video automatically.

Invideo is cross-platform, which means that it can be used on mobile devices, tablets as well as the web simply by using the same account, and you’ll be able to view your videos across every device. You can upload the video on social media sites in a direct way, however if you would like to save the video on a computer, you must upgrade your subscription or invite your friends to download an in-app download for free.

Go to Invideo Online Video Maker

4: Wideo

Wideo can be described as an online video creation site that allows you to create animations, videos for explaining, and other videos for marketing. It has numerous video templates. Log in to create videos online using the animated editor. Then, drag and drop elements from the editing tool on the site to make a sequence of animations.

Wideo lets you use the various elements for as many times as you’d like to create your video. Unlike other websites, you’re not restricted to using standard elements (text cartoons, images, text and photos) and elements. It appears that Wideo is only able the upload of your personal pictures with the formats of .jpg, .png and .gif as well as backgrounds and music. I haven’t found the way to upload videos of mine into the online video editor. Please let me know if you have any ideas.

What I love the most about Wideo is the fact that it lets you to select the aspect ratios like 16:9, 1:1, or 9/16, and there are plenty of video templates to choose from, but they all require be paid for. The site also gives a 7 day trial period, and paid versions range from 19/mo to 79/mo.

However, if you’d like to download the video onto your personal computer, you’ll have change your subscription. If you’d like to upload the footage you’ve created and store edited videos to your desktop, Wideo isn’t a free alternative for you.

Go to Wideo Animated Video Maker

5: PowToon

PowToon can be a fantastic method to make videos that can serve as an explanation goal. If you require an instructional video designed to be a kind of teacher or guide, then PowToon is the website you’ll want to utilize. It allows you to make what’s essentially a digital version of cut-outs from paper, superimposed over vibrant backgrounds. Drag and drop editing produces footage that is reminiscent of The Common Craft style.

You must sign up to access this online service and it offers a wide range of video templates that can be used in various situations , including explainer videos or marketing video information graphic video as well as video advertisements and even a presentation. Additionally, it lets you create 1:1 vertical, 16:9, and 9:16 vertical videos. which you upload personal video footage or make use of its built-in sources of video of Story blocks. You can pick one of the drawings from PowToon’s collection of objects and people, that you then place in a white canvas, or with a vibrant background that you like.

The free version can leave the Powtoon logo watermark on your export video. You can export videos up to 3 minutes in HD quality. You aren’t able to download the video in MP4 also.

Visit Click here to  PowToon

6: Video Toolbox

As the next generation of editing video, Video Toolbox is a free online platform that, in the process of editing video files , analyzes it and provides you with highly specific information on the bit rate codec, frame rate and resolution.

It also allows you to transform your video into the most common video formats including MKV MP4 as well as AVI. The platform online allows users to upload videos either via a computer or an URL. It can handle files of up to 1500MB. It provides plenty to play with and allows you to combine and cut, crop or split video files. The editing tools are easy and limitless, however it lets you record a webcam. The best part is that there’s no watermark, and the video quality is excellent after cutting the clips using Video Toolbox.

It is necessary to sign up and then activate your account through your email before you login to access your main menu. In all honesty I was disappointed to see that the layout of the video editor is old and unfriendly for users. You must select an action to select the desired editing feature . In many instances, there is no live preview window to see the progress of editing.

Go to Video Toolbox Online Video Editor Platform

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7: Kizoa

Kizoa is well-known for its many transition effects, and can help you create professional-looking videos in a snap. It is possible to create videos using Kizoa using photos, videos as well as music. You can also and then add text as well as special effects, music and transitions to improve the video. Kizoa can also support 4K UHD footage and offers a variety of aspect ratios, including 16:9, 4:3, 3 :2 1:1, 9:16 3:4, and 2 3 portrait formats. You can also upload photos and videos directly from your computer or social media accounts, such as Facebook.

Library of Kizoa is loaded with many effects and animations that could be customized to meet the requirements of editing projects. It is much simpler to alter the details of videos, such as size, location, duration of time, etc. It is not necessary to sign up to use the amazing features, so the majority of professionals, as well novices, choose to utilize Kizoa to meet their everyday needs. If you’re looking to share or download the content, you’ll have to sign up.

There is no timeline available, you only need to upload your images and video clips onto the storyboard located at the bottom. Click the Play button and then preview the outcome. When you choose the effect you want to use, Kizoa will indicate how you can do it making it simpler for those who are new. However, there is a watermark when you use the Free plan and the video you export is limited to 720p resolution and you must move to the Paid plan in order to get rid of the watermark.

Go to Kizoa Free Online Movie Maker

8: Hippo Video

Hippo Video is an all-in-one video marketing platform which also offers tools for editing videos. It allows you to upload your media files via computers or Google Drive, but as it is stated that the video formats can only be MP4, Mkv, FLV 3gp, mpg, and mp4 The maximum supported video file size is 500MB and you are able to only upload one video per import. In addition to importing videos as well, you can use Hippo Video to record your webcam screen, desktop, and even voiceovers.

The free version comes with some basic editing options like cut, split, trim add text or resize and also add basic titles, emojis, or callouts. However, if would like to use it for professional editing, you might have to recommend it to your acquaintances and/or upgrade your subscription.

It is necessary to sign up on the online platform prior to editing. There isn’t any video footage nor any stock music to download (maybe it’s hidden within it’s Pro edit mode). It is possible to share the video directly to social media sites like FB, Twitter, YouTube and via email. You could also download the video onto your desktop. There is no watermark on the Free Plan.

Go to Hippo Video Online Video Marketing Platform

9: WeVideo

WeVideo is a web-based shared video-making tool. Upload your personal videos images, music, or photos on your computer, or from social media sites like Google Drive, Facebook, Box, Instagram, Dropbox and more. into the Media panel or make use of the included stock audio, videos, and photos to create videos quickly. However the videos, images and audio files are only available to Business and Professional plans You can also decide to use music that is free and sound effects in lieu the Premium audio.

Beyond the basic cutting and splitting features, WeVideo lets you add markers to the particular clip, static text as well as callouts for the video, or even transitions overlays, background graphics frames. Additionally, you can download WeVideo application to the iPhone, Android phones, and Windows10 PC should you want to edit videos offline.

If you have subscribed to premium version of the app, then you are able to benefit from the editing features that are premium like green screen voiceover, slow motion, voiceover screen casting, sync across iOS, Android, and web platforms, among other features.

While WeVideo states that they support 4K resolution but it is not. 4K UHD is only available on Unlimited ($9.99/mo) as well as Professional ($19.99/mo) as well as business ($39.99/mo) plans. aside from that, there are many limitations with the free plan, for instance, you are only able to publish five minutes per month and the maximum resolution for video is 480p. Additionally, there will be watermarks in the upper right part of your video on the free plan. Similar to Clip Champ however, you will have to sign up before you can use WeVideo. WeVideo editing tool online.

Go to WeVideo Online Video Maker

10: Kapwing

Kapwing offers a variety options for online editing video products, including videos maker, meme generator video resizer, and trimming tool, which lets you adding subtitles, audio and loop video in addition to an online studio that is all in one. The Video Studio lets you combine videos, GIFs, and photos with audio and text to create a completely new video.

To edit videos, simply transfer your media file onto the computer or copy and paste the URL of the video to begin. Kapwing Video Studio allows you to modify the output video size by converting it to 1:1, 9/16 16:9, 4:5, or 5:4, and perform basic editing, such as trimming and crop, adjust speed, or even mute audio. It also allows you to incorporate images into the video to create PIP mode videos, as well as some shapes to enhance the video fun. In addition the online video maker, this website offers samples which you can download the examples before uploading your own. You can download the video you have edited directly or upload it on social media accounts. The watermark will appear when you don’t have an account with a Kapwing account. To remove it, simply login with either your Google accounts or Facebook.

Go to Kapwing Online Video Studio

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