Popular Period Tracking Apps Share Your Sexual Health Data With Facebook

Hello Ladies, let’s talk about periods, privacy, and Facebook.
Are you using an app on your smartphone to keep tracks on your periods?

Well, it’s worrying, because it might be sharing your extremely sensitive information like menstrual cycle and sexual activities with Facebook.

A new investigative report from UK-based advocacy group Privacy International revealed how some most popular period tracker apps used by millions of women share their most private health information—including monthly period cycles, contraception use, sexual life, symptoms, like swelling and cramps, and more—directly with Facebook.

These period-tracking apps, listed below, transfer your data to Facebook the moment you open them, regardless of the fact that you have a Facebook account or not, and whether you are logged into the social network platform or not.

These Period Tracking Apps Share Your Data With Facebook

The apps share user-entered data with Facebook via its software development kit (SDK) integrated into the app to help app developers, among other functions, earn revenue by collecting user data so Facebook can show them targeted advertisements.

  • Maya—owned by India-based Plackal Tech and has over 5 million downloads
  • MIA Fem: Ovulation Calculator—by Cyprus-based Mobapp Development Limited and has over 1 million downloads
  • My Period Tracker—owned by Linchpin Health and has over 1 million downloads
  • Ovulation Calculator—owned by PinkBird and has over half a million downloads
  • Mi Calendario—by Grupo Familia and has more than 1 million downloads

source: thehackernews

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