Israeli Spyware Firm NSO Wants to Track Data to Stop Coronavirus Spreading

An Israeli technology company NSO, which has gained the name in spyware software, has developed a new product it says has the ability to track the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

nso spyware watching you

NSO Group’s product analyzes huge volumes of data to map people’s movements to identify who they’ve come in contact with, which can then be used to stop the spread of infection, according to a person familiar with the matter.

A lot of people thinks that china govt also use this kind of software to control the spread of coronavirus COVID-19.

Is it right to spy people personal data and privacy?

After that, a lot of questions arise. Is it right to and acceptable that govt can spy its public personal data and privacy. and there are a lot of people who support this and they have an explanation for that when we have a bigger threat this personal privacy then it’s ok. Saving a life is better than keeping their privacy.

Maybe You are being tracked.

a dozen countries are testing the NSO spy technology, the person familiar with this technology said, The software takes two weeks of mobile-phone tracking information from the infected person, the incubation time of the virus, then matches with location data collected by national mobile phone companies that pinpoint citizens who were in the patient’s vicinity for more than 15 minutes and are vulnerable to contagion, the person said.

NSO group itself has a history of controversy. Its spyware has been suspected to use of helping Saudi Arabia spy on murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the company has denied is this allegation. Suspected its software may have been used to hack the phone of founder Jeff Bezos also other human right activists denied by the company. WhatsApp has filed a lawsuit against NSO, alleging that it violated the messaging platform’s terms of service by using its spyware.

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