Earn Money online in 2021 with Blogging || Blogger Course 2021

Blogger Course 2021

This is a free 2021 blogging course. It is design in this way so you can start earning by watching this tutorials. This course give you a complete roadmap how to to start and build a professional blog.

What will be you learn in this course?

  • How to create a blogger account?

  • Overview of Blogger dashboard

  • how to upload a custom theme?

  • how to customize theme ?

  • how to setup professional blog?



How to setup professional blog?

Ans: You can find step by step guidance about this in this course watch this course from start to end carefully.

Can i earn money online with blogger?

Ans: Yes after watching this course you will be able to start earning online.

What are benefits of blogger?

Ans: Free to publish your content and customized as per your requirements.

can i attach custom domain with blogger?

Ans: Yes you can attach any top level domain with blogger for example .com, .org, .net etc.

Is it safe to use blogger instead of WordPress?

Ans: Yes because google support blogger security.

How much traffic blogger handle?

Ans: 25k

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 Important Note:

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