Apple iOS 13.3.1 | Important New iPhone Privacy Control Confirmed

Apple iOS 13.3.1 is about to launch with a new location privacy feature this time, iPhone 11 issue that allowed location tracking even when a user had turned it off. Discovered as part of the iOS 13.3.1 beta, Apple has added a toggle for the UWB chip that causes the problem.

Found by KrebsonSecurity, the issue with the iPhone 11 Pro saw the device tracking people’s locations even when the function was switched off. After at first dismissing the issue, Apple admitted that because its newer iPhone’s UWB chip isn’t approved everywhere in the world, the iPhone 11 has to use location services to confirm whether UWB can be used.

Apple promised last month that it would add the ability to turn off the location tracking, and this is happening in soon-to-launch iOS 13.3.1. The new feature was first seen by journalist and YouTuber Brandon Butch who said via Twitter that the second iOS 13.3.1 beta “does have a new toggle to disable ultra wideband.”

How do I get the new iOS 13.3.1 privacy control?

If you have an iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro and you want to use the new toggle, which I recommend you should to keep your iPhone locked down as much as you can, you’ll need to wait for iOS 13.3.1 to officially launch. Keep checking the web, and our page, and we’ll update you once it’s here.

While you are there, why not check your other security and privacy features? Apple now gives you the ability to stop your voice data being sent to Siri.

Apple’s iPhone 11 privacy move: Good for users?

In iOS 13, Apple has added a host of new security and privacy features that stop apps as such as Facebook and Google collecting your data in the background when you aren’t using them. But Apple has come under scrutiny for not adding the same controls to its own apps.

In this case Apple denied there was an issue at first, but it’s good that it’s doing something about the problem now.

“It’s good to see that Apple will give people the option to switch off ultra wideband,” says security professional John Opdenakker. “Even though Apple claimed they don’t collect user location data when this feature is turned on, iPhone 11 users must have a choice of whether to use it or not.”

However, he also asks whether the toggle will be switched to “on” by default. “I hope to see that this feature is turned off by default because then, turning it on is an informed decision.”

It’s a crucial point. As security and privacy become increasingly important in people’s lives, it’s essential they can make controlled choices about their data.

let’s see how these tech giant deal with this because privacy is now it top demand from users.

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