115 Million Pakistani mobile users data is available for sale online for $2.1 million

On Friday, Dubai based cybersecurity company Rewterz claimed the private data of 115 million Pakistani mobile users was up for sale on the dark web with a price tag of BTC 300  ($2.1 million).

Chairman PTA Major General (R) Amir Azeem Bajwa told“It is still a claim that data of 115 million Pakistani users has been breached but we are trying to verify the authenticity of the claim by someone on the dark web,”

Advertisement description which hacker posted at dark web is

Database is freshly hacked this week. That data was still being updated as I took the data down. Beautifully organized in a CSV with headers for your pleasure.

A senior FIA cyber wing official told News reporter on condition of anonymity that the matter has still not been referred to the agency so far.

“PTA is investigating the issue and it has not been referred to FIA from the concerned authorities so far,” he said.

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“FIA will provide all its assistance when it will be assigned the task.”

Hacker also gives a few samples of the latest data breach so that buyer can verify that.

115 million Pakistani mobile users is being sold online for $2.1 million 2

Rewterz’s cybersecurity team has analyzed some of the samples from the telecom database which is up for sale on the dark web. The data includes personal information of the users such as names, contact numbers, addresses, NTN numbers, and CNIC numbers.

Still, it’s not confirmed that this is the latest data. If the data leak is new, it will rais serious questions on the protocols telecom companies are following regarding data security and privacy.

Cyber attack is arising day by day, and these attack is raising questions about Pakistan’s cybersecurity.

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