Windows 10 Apps Are Coming To Chromebooks

Parallels and Google have joined hands to bridge a long-standing gap at the achievement of Chromebooks, i.e., support for Windows 10 programs. The companies have announced that Windows 10 app support for Chromebooks will arrive at the end of the year.

This means users will be able to run legacy programs including Microsoft Office suite on their Chromebooks, Parallels stated. However, here is a catch the Windows 10 program support is simply coming for Chromebook Enterprise devices. There’s no word on when (or when ) general ChromeOS users will have the ability to run Windows 10 apps.

Parallels is currently a popular name, and its virtualization software Parallels Desktop is used to run Windows programs on Mac computers.

Over time, Chromebooks have become a viable alternative to Windows PCs following macOS and Linux-powered computers, owing to their lightweight applications expertise and fantastic battery life.

But at the exact same time, there are limitations to what you can do together with your Chromebook, and running software such as Adobe Premiere Pro is just a dream. That’s why Google is always making efforts to improve cross-platform compatibility.

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In the past, Google allowed support for Android apps on Chromebooks. Here, Windows 10 programs are the newest addition, and when not much at first, it would save the cost of getting a new PC. Anyway, let’s wait to see how things actually work out.

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